The Adaptation Fund

The Government of Ghana (GoG), with funding from the Adaptation Fund Board Secretariat is implementing a four-year project dubbed “Increased resilience to climate change in northern Ghana through the management of water resources and diversification of livelihoods”. The project aims at addressing climate change-induced decreases in the availability and increasing unpredictability of water resources, and the associated negative impacts of these trends on the livelihoods of rural communities. It is expected to enhance the resilience and adaptive capacity of rural livelihoods to climate impacts and risks on water resources in Northern Ghana.Read more


Project Milestones


Completed Projects

We have among many constructed bore holes that are being used by various communities.


Extimated Beneficiaries

With our operations in the 3 northern regions of Ghana, our project will have an impact on not less than 3 million people.


Annual Impact

We have an extimated impact of 7,000 families each year.


Our Awards

We have been recognized by alot of organizations!

Project Benefits

  • Desilt dams/dug outs
  • Drill boreholes
  • Support rain water harvesting
  • Mechanize high yielding boreholes/dugouts for irrigation
  • Install solar irrigation systems
  • Create buffer zones with fence
  • Support community based bee keeping with hives
  • Establish/adapt community nurseries for seedling production
  • Build capacity and supply of input to women groups

Key Project Outcomes

Our key results is centered on the improvement of water access and increase institutional capacity .

First Outcome

Improved planning and management of water resources taking into account climate change impacts on surface and groundwater sources.

Second Outcome

Climate resilient management of water resources by communities in Northern Ghana

Third Outcome

Enhanced diversification of livelihoods of communities in northern Ghana.

Management Team

The project is managed by a team of experts.


Our Partners

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